NC State University Employee Appreciation Photobooth

I was thrilled when I got the call from NC State to do a photobooth for their employee appreciation day. I mean that too. Employee appreciation is so important isn’t it? Doesn’t everyone want to be appreciated for something? In the case of doing your job, some would say the paycheck is enough…I disagree. Money comes and money goes, but good people & employees can be hard to find. Every single person that came to the photobooth was so friendly and polite and I really had a great time photographing them and being a part of a really awesome event. There was pizza, a DJ, Karaoke, a bounce house thing-a-ma-bob, basketball, and much more.

What an awesome event! No wonder NC State has been here for 125 years – they have a great group of people that take pride in their work and their university!

Thanks again for having me!



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March 12, 2012

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