In 2013 we began offering on-site printing as a more expensive add-on option. We’ve since decided to go back to our roots and cut it from the options. The simple truth is that your photos are better without printing on the spot. Below are some of the pros and cons we observed while offering printing as an option in 2013. The cons outweigh the pros. Even though we make more money by having this add-on, we prefer quality over quantity and believe it’s our job to deliver the best possible photos – even when the subject matter is wearing a clown nose.


  • It’s fun to get something tangible.
  • You can put strips in a guest book.
  • It’s nostalgic.
  • It’s like everyone else’s…is that a pro?


  • Most guests just want to put pics on Facebook and Instagram anyway. They even take phone pics of the screen.
  • The floor & parking lot becomes littered with dropped/unwanted prints (especially after a few adult beverages). That’s paper you’ve payed extra for!
  • A countdown timer can’t direct and guide guests like a professional photographer can. We get more “best photo booth ever” comments when we’re shooting instead of the computer doing the work.
  • We don’t get awesomely natural and candid in-between photos like this.

    Wedding Photo Booth on Kiawah Island

    Click to enlarge.

  • We do get awkward photos and missed countdown cues like this (And yes, that gets printed. A do-over is three more pics).


    Click to enlarge.

  • The line backs up and the photo booth becomes a distraction from the event, instead of a highlight of the event.
  • Printers are one more thing to malfunction, and it does happen. Paper has to be replaced in the middle of a session, etc.

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